Custom Art

In addition to our stock designs our talented art staff can create custom designs & mascots that are exclusive to your school. Whether it’s working from existing art or creating something original, we’re confident we can meet your expectations. Just let us know what you are looking for. Our award winning art team can bring any idea to life!

Stock Designs

Our stock designs offer the perfect solution for folks who want to keep things simple without sacrificing quality. Quick & easy, our collection features fun & trendy prints perfect for any school! Whatever idea your looking for, we’ve got you covered. All of our designs are flexible & entirely customizable to fit your needs. Just pick a design you like, send us your school info & we’ll modify the design to include your school name, colors & mascot. The process couldn’t be smoother.



School Spirit Items

Spirit items are a fun addition to any school. They not only to add excitement to your classrooms but also help show off your school pride! We offer a large assortment of spirit items ranging from tote bags, lanyards, lunch coolers, backpacks, cinch packs, duffel bags to water bottles, mugs, pins keychains, mouspads, pens, banners, notebooks & more. Anything you can think of we can cover for you!


In addition to our screen printing services we also offer custom embroidery. Residing in-house, we can kick out both large and small jobs and are experts at transforming work into incomparably durable and brilliant embroidery. With our extensive control over such variables as stitch type, sequence, thread type & thickness, backing, tension, machine speed, and needle size/type, your ensured a consistently top-quality product every time.

Check out our Uniform Embroidery!

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Screen Printing

Our state of the art facility utilizes three automatic presses as well as one hand press & is able to run up to 12 colors. We are capable of printing any apparel including tees, sweatshirts, pants, and jackets. Our highly automated plant guarantees consistent quality from one to one million pieces and is able to print with a degree of excellence not found in most shops. With 25 years of experience, quality is our highest priority & we take great care in ensuring all printing is smooth, crisp, accurately matched, colorful & lively. We are capable of reproducing graphics using spot colors, four-color process or simulated process & can print a wide range of placements including; fronts, backs, side & shoulder areas and even all over prints.